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This Study is not a Pedigree chart of one particular Family line but is a look into all the occurances and variants of the Surname "Smallcalder" so far we have established that Schmalcalder changed to Smallcalder in the 1900's but there are some variants which are as follows

Schmalkalder Smalcalder Schmalkalden Schmalkald Schmalcalder



Throughout the Years

The Start

The name arrived in the United Kingdom, with a Charles Augustus Schmalcalder, he was born on the 29th March 1781in Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany, and Christened as Karl August Schmalkalder on the 31st March 1781, his parents were Wilhelm Christoph Conrad Schmalkalder and Walburga Ruhlin, it seems that he anglicized it to Charles Augustus Schmalcalder when he arrived in England, Circa 1800's, established himself in London, and Married Anne Cochran in 1804, St.Andrews, Holborn, London, they had Nine Children, he was a Mathmatical Instrument Maker, and had a Business at 82 The Strand, London, were he developed and patented several Mathematical Instruments, most famously the Prismatic Compass, there are a few of his Instruments still being displayed at the British Science Museum and various other Museums.
His son John Thomas Schmalcalder carried on with this Buisiness and stayed at 2 Fairfax's Court off 400 The Strand, London were he made Mathematical Instruments and Optical devices, where at one stage he was being listed as "Optician by special appointment to His Royal Highness Prince Albert"

"Historia Schmalcaldica"

"Historia Schmalcaldica" which had been written almost 300 years ago is a book on the town Schmalkalden, Germany. Accordingly, the city of Schmalkalden derives its name from a local brook called Smalcalde, a combination of the German attributes "schmal" and "kalt", or -- in English, "narrow" and "cold". In the first book of 6, on page 36, the author Johann Conrad Geisthirt notes that he found several Schmalkalder families:

1) Among the scientists, a Christophorum Fiedericum SCHMALCALDER born at Stuttgart, named at Frankfurt on the Oder River on 16-Jun-1685.
2) Wilhelm Ullrich SMALCALDER [sic], "Geheimbder Rath" at Stuttgart.
3) David SMALCALDER, "Juris Utrisuque Doctorem", a J.D. at Marburg (N of Frankfurt on the Main River).
4) H. Christian Günter SMALCALDER of Gotha who is named at Hall in Saxony in 1694 in connection with a doctoral examination.
5) Bartholomaeus SMALCALDER was an important man as "Amts Schultheiss" (chief justice/administrator) at Eisenach in 1575. He was sent to Gotha in 1584 to settle a dispute.
6) Georg SMALCALDER held a post at Eisenach in 1598.
7) The author mentions a family at Ohrdruff and a Schmalkalder family at Mühlhausen (home of the revolutionary Thomas Müntzer). listed which is very interesting, this is just a little background information that I am pleased to pass on, This is current ongoing research so any other Information would be grateful

The Town Schmalkalden Germany

The Surname, Just a Brief History of the surname, from what I have found out the Surname arrived in England Circa 1800's with a Charles Augustus Schmalcalder, he was the start of the English Family Line, he was born on the 29th March 1781 Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany, and Christened as Karl August Schmalkalder on the 31st March 1781, his parents were Wilhelm Christoph Conrad Schmalkalder and Walburga Ruhlin, Where did the name Originate from? Often surnames were named after occupations, near buy Towns or LandMarks, Occurrences or such, so was SCHMALKALDERS given there name by the Nobles of Hessen-Nassau, who knows, but this would be nice to add to quiet an amazing surname. all though in this area of Germany, there is quiet amazing coincidence, take a look at a map of Germany. We see the total country laid out before us. Almost directly in the centre, in the province of Hessen-Nassau we find a place called SCHMALKALDEN. The word schmal means "narrow." At one time Schmalkalden was a small principality in its own right, and was located in a narrow mountain pass just west of the Thuringia forest. Since it is not too far from the metropolitan Rhine-Mainze region, we might wonder if this is the original homeland of the Schmalcalder Family, Surely, Europeans might say the same about the gigantic Rhine River over there that we say about, the River Thames, London over here, "Go to the heart of England & prosper" Through the centuries this metropolitan area has always been a magnet for young adventurers and many passed through on there way to America and some I might say not speaking or understanding are Language were fooled by unscrupulous Captains into believing that they arrived in America.

The Name

Over the many Century's the Surname intially started as SCHMALKALDER as far as I can date from the 1400's and changed During the 1700-1800's to the name Schmalcalder and in Uk, this was anglicised and often spelt as it was pronounced and this formed the current spelling SMALLCALDER of today, I also would be pleased to find any other Deriatives or people remaining with any of these names please contact me

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